Motoring Law
At astraea linskills we specialise in Motoring Law and defend motorists throughout England and Wales who face investigation or prosecution under Road Traffic laws. We understand that for many of us, a driving licence is essential for employment purposes and to manage the commitments of everyday life and that the loss of your licence can have far reaching and negative consequences.
We are experienced motoring lawyers who provides specialist legal advice and representation to individuals and businesses where allegations of driving or vehicle offences have been made. Our clients know we will provide frank and honest advice on the merits of a case and we will bring our significance experience to bear in order to protect your driving licence and to achieve the most favourable outcome for you in all of the circumstances.
We will always provide free initial advice on the prospects of your case. If there is no merit in you instructing a solicitor then we will tell you. Integrity is fundamental to our firm’s ethos and we probably tells more than half of the people who contact us that they do not need a lawyer.
Matt Reynolds



Matt is our lead motoring law expert. With over 20 years experience, Matt will look after your case from start to finish so that you get the personal service you deserve.
As a motoring law expert Matt famously uncovered that numbering on speed signs on some of Britain’s busiest motorways were in fact the wrong shape (have a read of the Daily Mail’s article) resulting in thousands of speeding fines being overturned.

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