Debt Recovery

Chasing those that owe you money is time consuming, frustrating and a waste of valuable resources. It is damaging to cash flow and damaging to business and relationships. We offer a specialist advice and a cost-effective process to recover debts.

We are commercial in our approach. We understand the need to balance the money owed against the cost of recovery of the money owed. Our experience tells us that a well timed and well drafted solicitor’s letter can be all that is required but sometimes the full force of court action is the only way and we will advise you on which course of action is most suited to your situation.

With a challenging economic outlook predicted for the foreseeable it is more important than ever to ensure that businesses have procedures in place for prompt, cost effective, commercially astute debt recovery.


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Stage 1- Pre-action

In our experience, if the debt is undisputed, most matters will settle at this stage. We will send a letter to the debtor demanding that payment is made immediately. The letter will threaten county court or insolvency proceedings in the event that payment is not made and we will follow up with a chaser and a telephone call if necessary.

First letter of demand                                                            £65 + vat
Second letter of demand                                                       £35 + vat
Detailed reply and final demand letter                               £95 + vat
Negotiating a settlement/instalment plan                         £125 + vat
Drafting a settlement agreement                                       £150 + vat

Stage 2 – Court action

If payment is not recovered at Stage 1, we will issue a county court claim against the debtor. Once the claim is issued, the debtor will have 14 days to respond after which time we can apply for default judgment then move onto enforcement. It usually takes the court about 2 weeks to enter a judgment once they have received our request.

Request a judgement                                                             £95 + vat

Stage 3 – Enforcement

If the debtor fails to respond or pay following stage 1 and 2, we are left with no alternative but to start enforcement proceedings. There are a number of options available and how we proceed will largely depend on the facts of the case and level of debt. We will go through the options with you first. Please see below for our standard costs and court fees for this stage.

Letter demanding payment of judgement                          £65 + vat
Letter threatening winding up petition                               £65 + vat
Warrant of execution                                                              £95 + vat
Writ of Control                                                                         £65 + vat
Charging Order (excl hearing)                                               £750 + vat
Third Party Debt Order                                                           £500 + vat
Order that debtor attends for questioning                          £350 + vat

Third party Costs – NB these may be subject to change without notice

Court fee for writ                                                                     £66
Court fee for Warrant and third-party orders                      £110
Court fee for debtor questioning                                          £55
Attachment of Earnings application                                    £200
Process Server                                                                         £150 – 300 +VAT
High Court Enforcement officer fee                                     £90
Registration of charging order                                              £40
Agent/Counsel fees                                                                 £ dependant on hearing
Detailed advice by appointment on enforcement options    £250 +vat ph

The above prices relate to undisputed debt only. If your debt is disputed, we will go through your options with you and provide a fee estimate based upon our hourly rates.



Sara started her legal career at a large national firm and qualified as a Solicitor in 2010. She has extensive litigation experience, having managed a litigation team at a regional firm before relocating to London for a number of years where she assisted the in house legal team of an international record label before moving to an international city firm.
Sara has significant civil and commercial litigation experience, working with individuals, organisations and businesses in respect of a variety of legal disputes, often with an international/cross border element.
Sara also works with a variety of clients across the media and entertainment industries including those in TV, film, music and sport. In addition, she has experience of advising clients in relation to defamation proceedings and assisting with the removal of online defamatory material.


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